Events Manager

As an events manager at Sodexo, you could work anywhere, with anyone. Literally.

Depending on the role, you could travel throughout the UK – and the world – working with a team of receptionists, chefs, waiters, porters, IT and housekeeping professionals.

Regardless of the event, you’ll lead, coach and inspire your team, as well as people from other agencies. It’s an exciting and challenging work environment with all the autonomy you could ask for.

At every event you’ll be responsible for making sure we have the right resources, the right people, the right food and drink. The pressure can be relentless – but then so can the rewards.


What makes a great events manager?

Many things. First and foremost, you need to have experience. It’s too fast-paced and too high profile not to have done it before. You also need a genuine willingness to serve customers. The more you love your customers, the better your events will be.

On top of that, seeing as you’ll be running a team, it would help if you’ve run one before. The best managers are also mentors, and know how to foster close working relationships. Finally, we’re looking for someone who’s independent, social and thrives on collaborating with people from all backgrounds.