Finance Manager

Around half the time you’ll be out in the field, the other half you’ll be in the office. Wherever you find yourself though, you’ll help maximise profitability throughout the UK.

Working within a finance accounting environment, you’ll support account directors and managers on all their key decisions. You’ll analyse performance against budgets, prepare new budgets, check details of labour costs, make quarterly forecasts and appraise capital projects.

You’ll also tender for new business, providing financial analysis to see how worthwhile it is. And, as important as anything else, you’ll champion rigorous ethical standards and ensure financial controls are properly implemented. 

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What makes a great finance manager?

There’s no one quality. But if you’re adaptable, thrive under pressure and able to work independently, you’re well on your way. The deadlines are tight, so the better you can manage your time, the better you’ll do.

You should be a qualified accountant, or on the cusp of becoming one, and have excellent Excel skills. It would also help if you’ve worked with people from a non-finance background, and can communicate complicated financial information to people of all levels.