Who we are

Gardener measuring blades of grassSodexo people

Whether it’s our colleagues or our customers, we are a company that is focused on people. Investing in our people and services is a way of life here at Sodexo — it runs through our DNA, and it’ll be obvious from your very first day. We support clients across every sector imaginable to be the best they can be. And we’ll apply that very same passion to your development too.

sodexo-livesSodexo aims

It is no secret that at Sodexo we strive for perfection. In fact, it shines through all we do. For you, that means an almost unparalleled level of training and development. For our customers, that means never compromising on quality over profit.

sodexo-services-111pxSodexo opportunities

We provide services that impact people at every possible stage of their life, whether at work, in play or at school. So, when we’re asked what we do, it would be simpler to answer with what we don’t do. That unrivalled breadth applies to our careers too. Limited progression just isn’t possible in a growing business like ours. No matter what your ambitions and experience, we’ll support you in a varied, and rewarding, future with a market leader.

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What makes Sodexo different

Our managing director, Neil Murray, on what makes Sodexo different:

“The variety. The team I work with. The clients we work for. The constant improvement. They’re all part of my absolute belief in our ability to deliver.’’ Neil Murray, Managing Director

  • Why choose Sodexo?
    From the variety of roles we offer to the local communities we give back to, here are ten reasons to join us.