Sodexo is the community of its clients, consumers, employees and shareholders. We recognise that the best way to respond to the expectations of all of our stakeholders is through steady growth. We also believe it is important that our work is meaningful to all who contribute to it and thus we remain faithful to our mission, our core values and the ethical principles that have guided us since 1966.

Loyalty, respect for people, transparency and business integrity are the ethical principles that guide us in all our day-to-day activities. They make Sodexo a respectful and respected company, led by a community of managers who share the same practices.



A foundation of loyalty, shared by Sodexo with its clients, employees and shareholders, based on honest, open relations. Loyalty is one of the cornerstones of operations in our organization.

Respect for people

Humanity is at the heart of our business. Sodexo is committed to providing equal opportunities, regardless of race, origin, age, gender, beliefs, religion or lifestyle choices. Improving quality of life means according each person respect, dignity and consideration.


This is one of Sodexo’s major principles and a constant with all stakeholders: clients, consumers, employees, shareholders and the general public.

Business integrity

We will not engage in corrupt practices and unfair competition - and we expect our partners to observe the same high standards of ethics. We condemn any and all practices not based on honesty, integrity and fairness.

In 2012, we distributed a toolkit about business integrity and anti-bribery.

For more information download the Statement of Business Integrity, the Code of Ethics, our Anti-bribery policy 2012 and our Lobbying Policy.

Find out how Sodexo provides a Better Tomorrow as an Employer, Service Provider and Corporate Citizen .

Integrity as a cornerstone

Sodexo commits to the highest standards of business integrity.

Stop Hunger Foundation

STOP HungerThrough the Stop Hunger Foundation , Sodexo fights hunger and malnutrition in all the countries where it operates.