Sodexo is verified for Origin Green

March 24, 2017

Margot Slattery, country president, Sodexo Ireland and Tara McCarthy, chief executive, Bord Bia (Irish Food Board) at the official announcement of the company’s acceptance into the Origin Green sustainability programme.

Sodexo is verified for Origin Green

Sodexo Ireland is now a verified member of Origin Green, Ireland’s first food and services provider to be accepted into the Bord Bia (Irish Food Board) initiative, the only sustainability programme in the world that operates on a national scale.

To achieve verification, Sodexo Ireland has committed to a sustainability programme that covers four key areas: sourcing practices, reducing operational waste, health and nutrition and corporate social responsibility, with clear targets set for 2020. 

Sodexo’s parentage as a French-family owned company and the two countries’ strong historical and economic ties has resulted in it hosting Bord Bia’s first Origin Green Ambassador to be based in the French market, whose role is to implement sustainability initiatives as part of the company’s commitment to responsible sourcing.  The French market accounts for €703m in Irish food and beverage exports annually, third behind the UK and US.

Margot Slattery, country president, Sodexo Ireland, said, “We are delighted to be accepted into Origin Green, one of the world’s most forward thinking sustainability initiatives. Our success ties into Sodexo’s global corporate responsibility programme which includes defined economic, social and environmental commitments. We are proud to be playing our part.”

Origin Green unites government, the private sector and food producers. Independently verified, it enables Ireland’s farmers and producers to set and achieve measurable sustainability targets – reducing environmental impact, serving local communities more effectively and protecting Ireland’s rich natural resources. To date, a total of 560 companies have signed up to the Origin Green programme, all fully committed to putting 100% of Ireland’s food and drink exports on the road to sustainability.

Tara McCarthy, chief executive of Bord Bia, commented “I am delighted to welcome Sodexo Ireland as a verified member of our Origin Green programme.  The global Sodexo Group is a recognised leader in sustainability. Sodexo Ireland’s participation in Origin Green localises this leadership while extending the sustainability agenda across our supply chain.”

Sodexo Ireland, part of the global Sodexo Group the world’s largest services company, delivers services that improve the quality of life to clients in business and industry, education, financial and healthcare. It employs approximately 2,300 staff in 200 locations across Ireland, serves 90,000 people daily and spent over €19 million on Irish food in 2016.

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