At Sodexo, we provide integrated facilities management services that cover your people, processes, equipment and infrastructure. We drive efficiencies and synergies between services, helping you to run your business better. We self deliver most services, which allows us to be quick to anticipate needs and demonstrate greater responsiveness in the delivery of our services.

Buildings surveys and audits

Safety best practiceOur buildings surveying and auditing team are able to continuously and proactively capture information on the condition of fabric, mechanical and electrical building assets to provide you with an up-to-date view of assets and ensuring you are able to plan any future spend with accuracy.

The surveying and auditing team are also able to provide confidence around compliance and identifying scope for improvements and can work in tandem with our Strategic Asset Management team to provide you with a‘ single view’ of the condition of your buildings and the assets within them for your site or estates portfolio

More services

Find out about our Strategic asset management services

Our strategic asset management services include the management and maintenance of all buildings and equipment, ensuring each vital assets provides the performance level required to enable your day-to-day operations.

Find out about our Mechanical and Electrical maintenance services

We design, manage and deliver a comprehensive range of hard services through our experienced teams of experts who operate across all industry sectors in the global market as well as providing services to single site UK operations.

Find out about our laboratory instrument services

We provide award-winning onsite laboratory instrument service that can save you up to 40% in costs, while giving your scientists the time to focus on their core business.

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Technical services 
Technical services support our clients to create a safe, compliant and appropriate work environment and help to optimise productivity and efficiency within an organisation.