Corporate catering and hospitality services

chefs in kitchenAt Sodexo, we provide cost-effective and innovative corporate catering and hospitality services.

Our heritage is in food so naturally we have a passion for quality. That’s why we source ingredients from sustainable and quality assured suppliers.

Our menus are designed by professional chefs and assessed by our team of dietitians and nutritionists to ensure they are tailored to you.

We bring food trends from around the world to your restaurants through close ties with our global network.


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Sodexo’s dedicated team of over 7,500 permanent employees operating on 87 military bases – including in Cyprus and the Falkland Islands – work hard to provide our service personnel with the high quality facilities and services they deserve.

Find out about our gym and health management services

We can provide services that help employees to achieve a work-life balance and reduce stress through physical exercise coupled with the right nutrition.

Find out about our interior plant services

We work with you to assess your needs, identify and select the most environmentally friendly plants from local suppliers and create a natural ambience in your workplace.

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Stephen White - Business Development Director

be... by Sodexo


be... by Sodexo is a global offer designed to benefit local culture through fresh products and eye-catching imagery while at the same time showcasing the culinary talents of our Chefs.

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Aspretto is Sodexo's fair trade-based hot beverages offer.