Scientific services

 scientific-services1At Sodexo, we provide a comprehensive range of scientific services through our stringent quality standards and robust operating model we ensure compliance  and deliver real business benefits  by inceasing output by up to 40% while giving your scientists the time to focus on their core business.

We are closely aligned with science and technology; have the expertise, experience and qualifications; and the global presence to be a valuable addition to your team.
Whether it's managing your assets, maintaining instruments, calibrating systems or supporting scientific tasks, we have the skills to provide a solution tailored specifically for your business.
We invest heavily in products, people, training, risk management and compliance to ensure our support of your business is second to none.

More services

Find out about our buildings surveys and audit services

Our buildings surveying and auditing team are able to continuously and proactively capture information on the condition of fabric, mechanical and electrical building assets.

Find out about our Strategic asset management services

Our strategic asset management services include the management and maintenance of all buildings and equipment, ensuring each vital assets provides the performance level required to enable your day-to-day operations.

Find out about our Mechanical and Electrical maintenance services

We design, manage and deliver a comprehensive range of hard services through our experienced teams of experts who operate across all industry sectors in the global market as well as providing services to single site UK operations.

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