As the severity of COVID-19 escalates, our absolute top priority in all that we do remains the same- to protect the health and safety of our employees, clients, suppliers and the people we serve every day.

We have response teams across the 67 countries where we operate and a global coordination team – all working together. 

In the UK & Ireland, we are adhering to all guidelines issued by the UK Government and the Health Service Executive (Republic of Ireland).  

In line with the recent measures to prevent the spread of the virus we have asked those employees that can work from home, to do so.  But for many, this is not possible as they play a critical part in supporting the national infrastructure and COVID-19 response.  For those continuing to deliver these essential services, we have reinforced all of our food and operational safety policies and procedures and are providing the required equipment to protect themselves and those they serve.
We are working closely with our clients to ensure the highest possible levels of business continuity, whilst minimising the risk to our employees and the impact on our business. This includes, where clients decide to close sites – temporarily or permanently – working to redeploy employees to other nearby sites.

Our supply management team is working tirelessly with our supply chain to ensure we continue to have sufficient products available to deliver services, particularly prioritising critical healthcare settings including hospitals and other sites such as prisons.
We continue to work hard to ensure the safety of our employees and that we have the right support in place for them as we navigate these challenging times.

On behalf of the regional leadership committee, a huge thank you to all our teams who continue to deliver services with professionalism and courage.

Sean Haley

Region Chair

Sodexo UK & Ireland


For the latest advice from health authorities, please visit:

UK Government (United Kingdom)
Health Service Executive (Republic of Ireland)

For more information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), you can visit:
Summary of global Covid-19 cases 
World Health Organisation (WHO)

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