Sodexo brought together oil and gas industry leaders to discuss the challenges of a rapidly changing workforce.

More than 50 senior executives from leading oil and gas companies including BP, Chrysaor, Engie and Premier Oil, joined Sodexo senior leaders from around the world, at Aberdeen’s Chester Hotel.

Understanding workforce demographics is a fundamental component of delivering services that positively impact a person’s quality of life when working offshore.  For the past five years, Sodexo has been looking at the profile of their offshore customers through its global consumer survey, which brings to light their needs and expectations in terms of improved wellbeing.

Susan Elston, Sodexo Energy & Resources senior vice president for UK Offshore & Marine business, shared the findings of the company’s 2017 survey, emphasising how UK offshore workers compare with their global counterparts.

Matt Dawson, Sodexo Ambassador and former England rugby player, then took the stage, drawing parallels between the UK Oil & Gas industry’s Vision 2035 and England’s 2003 Rugby World Cup winning team, highlighting how the offshore community could collectively achieve their goals by employing a similar focus on succession planning.

Following the insightful presentations from Susan and Matt, guest panellists Robin Watson, Chief Executive of Wood plc, Louise Goetz, Europe Director at Oilfield Equipment, Baker Hughes (a GE Company) and Matthew Brodie, Managing Director at Noble Drilling, discussed changes the industry and their respective companies are facing, acknowledging quality of life as a strong differentiator to attract the next generation of talent towards a career offshore.

Susan Elston said “Offshore workforce demographics are changing at a very fast pace.  As an industry, it is essential we work together to address these changes and create an environment for a sustainable workforce. The Oil & Gas Authority’s Vision 2035 formed the backbone of our discussions.  Through events like this, we can help companies share knowledge and best practice to ensure that the UK remains an exciting place for energy professionals to live and work, despite the new operating conditions.

I want to thank all those that attended and particularly our guest panellists. We enjoyed some interesting views and shared the many challenges we are all are facing in an open and honest forum.  We look forward to on-going work with our clients and the industry to address this issue.”

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