The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has this week launched a campaign to improve the working conditions in the cleaning industry.

Sodexo joined the EHRC’s cleaning taskforce last year, and is proud to support the EHRC’s campaign.

The campaign follows the EHRC report, The Invisible Workforce: Employment Practices in the Cleaning Sector, which was published last August.

The new campaign has brought together the recommendations from the report with the taskforce developing principles for responsible procurement. The principles are aimed at encouraging clients who buy in cleaning services to consider the impact of procurement on the employment practices of cleaning providers.

The taskforce has also developed a range of materials which are available from the dedicated campaign website to help promote the value of cleaning operatives and to provide cleaners with valuable information regarding their employment rights.

Sodexo’s employee recognition schemes, its annual Service Excellence Awards together with its commitment to the Living Wage Foundation’s Service Provider Scheme are highlighted in the campaign as initiatives which help to improve workplace conditions.

  • As a member of the taskforce Sodexo commits to improving working conditions for cleaning operatives across the cleaning industry by: promoting employers compliance with employment law and improving workers understanding of employment rights

  • improving the impact of public and private sector procurement of cleaning services on employment conditions in the sector

  • encouraging the respectful treatment of cleaning operatives 

Lauren Kyle, cleaning development manager for Sodexo, said: “With around 9,000 cleaners employed by us throughout the UK and Ireland across a range of working environments including the healthcare, corporate, education, and defence sectors, we are proud to be involved with this campaign. 

“Our success relies upon employees who are engaged, motivated, and effectively trained. While infection prevention and control is essential to patient care in healthcare facilities, high standards of cleaning in all environments can help to promote wellbeing, reduce absenteeism and improve productivity.”

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