Sodexo was made for this moment – supporting people in need is in our DNA

Never has a focus on quality of life been so important. Fortunately, we built our mission around this over 50 years ago. Today, our responsibility is to work with our clients to build resilient, inclusive and sustainable communities that preserves quality of life.

How we can help – what is rise with Sodexo?

We have the unrivalled global experience, expertise and resources to deliver a combined and complete range of services to ensure your business operations run smoothly. Whether you’ve remained open, or are preparing to reopen, your ways of working will need to evolve.

Our comprehensive approach will help guide you through the changes you will need to make to your working environment. We call it rise with Sodexo

Our unique programme is customised to the precise needs of each individual client, prioritising safety, wellbeing, and productivity so everyone can get back to the business of living.

Seizing the opportunity

When we assess your service data, we not only establish how we can address the need of your new reality, we also identify areas of opportunity to push your business forward, aligning your solutions with key departments such as HR, IT, facilities management, and health and safety. 

Checklist icon PREPARE
 We’ll take you through our clear reopening framework, offering clear, purposeful plans built on experience and data to manage a smooth and safe comeback.

- Site restart process


Shield icon PROTECT 
 Our top priority is the security of all employees, consumers and the communities we serve. It is essential that buildings and workspaces remain healthy and safe for everyone.

 - Changes to support physical distancing
 - Enhanced cleaning and disinfection
 - Temperature monitoring 


Enable icon ENABLE
To come back strong, it’s vital to consider the complete picture of employee experience, striking a new balance to help everyone stay happy, safe, healthy and focused.

 - Convenient grab & go food
 - Digital retail and digital services


Support icon  SUPPORT
  Your people need to be supported, encouraged and connected to one another. We offer resources to help you provide access to care during the reopening process.

- Rise SAFE label from Bureau Veritas


Bar chart icon OPTIMISE
 Even though collaboration may not look the same, it can’t be stopped. We can provide advice and support from experienced experts to optimise your physical spaces.

- Workplace technology 
- Workplace consulting
- Energy management
- Space design and management

Rise SAFE with Sodexo

When you Rise with Sodexo, we support you with robust standards and protocols that have been clinically informed by our Medical Advisory Council, and independently verified by Bureau Veritas, world leader in testing, inspection and certification. To provide further assurance to your employees and guests, Sodexo and Bureau Veritas have introduced the Rise SAFE hygiene verification label for our health and safety services used by our clients.  Following an audit by Bureau Veritas, you can display the Rise SAFE label to further reassure your employees and guests that they’re entering a safe environment. 

Find out more about the Rise SAFE label

What happens next?

We’re a team dedicated to the spirit of rising to the challenge, evolving our work to help you achieve your goals and exceed expectations. As we begin to build your customised plan, your Sodexo team will work with you to define governance, review your data to identify opportunities, conduct a risk assessment and define critical activities that will prepare you to open.

Even after all your people return, Sodexo will support you and your organisation with contactless services and disinfection services, providing regular reporting on work completion, inspections conducted, incidents & risks identified.


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