There are many benefits of our property integrator services:

Supplier choice and flexibility 

The model enables clients to procure suppliers that meet their strategic drivers and needs, with Sodexo providing the day-to-day management, assurance and advisory services. We bring together a disaggregated property and workplace supply chain across estates, asset management, construction, facilities management, utilities and workplace.  If additional services are needed, we can flex and adapt to manage additional service categories.

Strategy to service delivery

We work in partnership with our clients to take policy and strategy through to service delivery.  Using our industry knowledge and best practice, combined with data, MI and insight, we work in partnership with our clients to help inform their future estates strategy and provide options for change and delivering greater value for money.

Performance management and assurance of the appointed supply chain


Our role is to provide assurance to our clients that suppliers are meeting their contractual obligations, with a specific focus on the delivery of statutory tasks. We sample performance across a wide range of subject areas, so that informed decisions can be made, actions prioritised and resources allocated to promote continuous service improvement.

Our team comprises of competent and experienced technical auditors who have specialist hard/soft facilities management experience and qualifications. We are able to draw on the expertise of the technical specialists in Sodexo’s Service Operations platform (which includes experts/authorising engineers in areas such as HVAC, electrical, pressure systems, water hygiene, gas, confined spaces, working at height, fire safety). Our subject matter community are leading experts in their respective disciplines this means that we can provide subject matter advice support and guidance and the latest leading-edge thinking.

Accurate data and intelligence to enable informed, strategic decision making

Key to the provision of transparency, data analysis, trends and management information is the overall integration of multiple systems across the entire operating model which includes Sodexo sub systems (e.g. Helpdesk and Reporting), which integrate with third party systems and their downstream processes for Purchase to Pay and Paymech (e.g. supply chain and client systems).

The expansive nature of our Integrator offer is reflected in the complexity of the technical solution as there is no best of breed solution on the market for everything within the Integrator scope. Integrated Work Management Systems cover some, but not all of the required functionality, and invariably do not have a powerful Business Intelligence Layer that is a key component of our Integrator service.

We can adapt our approach to use multiple best of breed software vendors with a complex array of services. Some of these solutions will be ‘on premise’ while others are located in the cloud and delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Financial management

Our processes ensure that our clients’ suppliers are paid due amounts in a timely manner while providing assurance that budgeting, forecasting and accruals management are accurate and correct.

We provide proactive reporting (live dashboards, weekly snap-shots, monthly/annual reports), trending (based on historical spend profiles), forecasting (using spend profiles, incorporating projects and estates data), and tracking costs (against budgets, forecast, previous years). We translate the data into tangible and meaningful information i.e. life cycle costing, repair/replace decisions, total cost of property to aid strategic decision making.

Provision of helpdesk services 

We provide helpdesk services to meet our clients’ needs.  Our experienced customer service agents accurately record, raise and transmit work orders which are issued to respective suppliers.

The team also ensure that incidents requiring escalation are captured correctly and the right information is passed to the right people at the right time, enabling others to support the response needed.

Call-off of professional property services 

Asset management, estates management, programme and project management, sustainability services, financial analysis, fire and security, health and safety services and compliance.

Enabling property rationalisation and multi-tenanted properties 

Our solution supports the further development of the ‘One Public Estate’ programme, providing the clarity, transparency and interpretation of data needed for multi-tenanted properties whether that’s central government, local government, NHS or the private and charitable sectors working within a single space.

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