​ An integrated approach for all aspects of military life

The core Village offer is made up of three key zones, all designed to bring people together, encourage engagement, collaboration and boost camaraderie, fighting potential boredom.


- Digital Table-top & Traditional & board games​, with several categories of games to entertain and attract guests into the Village environment; 


- The Micro Theatre is a fantastic environment for Service Personnel to come together and view a film / sporting event in a dedicated space


- The Village Social Lounge is a space to drive collaboration and engagement between its visitors. 

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Elderly patient with a doctorFood Services

The food and beverage offer is designed to be second to the environment and entirely scalable. A casual dining offer has been developed to complement the Village experience, the offer is akin to that of high-street offer and focuses on good value for money and speed of service.  ​



Social Engagement

 The Social Activity Programme is a calendar of events throughout the year to encourage social interactions, wellbeing and personal development. The aim of the Social Activity programme will be to enhance quality of life and boost morale for all of those who reside and/or visit the site. ​

Creating Value by Innovating, Together.

Working in collaboration with the MOD to understand their priorities, we used research to define key quality of life themes and challenges for service men and women.

Design Thinking Workshops ensured our ideas would land successfully, and regular two-way communication meant the final concept resonated with all audiences and offered the flexibility to translate across languages.


Village solution

Powered by Deep Understanding of Military Culture

When creating Village, our goal was a solution that addressed specific personnel challenges, focused on needs and requirements and benefited the whole force – from civilians and partners to visitors and subcontractors. Discover how we achieved this.

Recruitment & retention

See how understanding the reasons why personnel join and why they may choose to leave the military was key to our approach

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Welfare & mental health

Discover how creating a space for community, conversation and bringing people together was at the heart of our solution

Innovation, Choice & autonomy

Understand why offering a variety of food choices including self-cook options was essential

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Inclusivity & flexibility

See how our branded solution and modular approach allows a customised approach, with flexibility for future site changes.

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Fusion of user insight and client priorities

Designed to suit the specific needs of each site and its customers, Village offers four key services designed with unique innovation


retail, catering and leisure service benefits


A solution to benefit the whole force

Village has been designed to overcome key issues identified by the MOD and raised by personnel; offering relevant services throughout the day and creating an environment to offer wide appeal.


See how the finished environment addresses the specific challenges with a future proofing approach.

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nurse checking in on a patient after a surgery

Defence Services

making a hospital bed

Defence Facilities Management

We deliver comprehensive cleaning solutions for offices, living accommodation, windows and laundry, as well as specialist cleaning for areas such as medical centres and swimming pools to meet the needs of our military customers.

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Defence Catering & Food Services

Our defence food services, retail and leisure facilities have been developed to combine high street style restaurants, cafés, bars, shops and leisure services, with the unique and varied needs of Armed Forces personnel and their families.