Our food services

Business and Industry Food Services and Catering

Business & Industry

Sodexo supports business strategies that improve the quality of life of individuals at work to positively impact organisations’ performance.

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Healthcare Patient Dining & Retail

Personal & Home Care Services

Sodexo partners with public & private healthcare organisations to deliver services that contribute to the delivery of better care for patients, staff and visitors.

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Schools Food Services and Catering


We work with schools across Ireland, providing services that ensure children have nutritious, balanced diets in a safe, welcoming environment.

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University Food Services and Catering


Sodexo delivers services to give students an attractive, welcoming campus experience in an environment that supports their social needs.

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bottles of Champagne sold at Royal Ascot

Food fact

Over 50,000 bottles of Champagne, 5,000 kilos of salmon and 1,000 kilos of clotted cream consumed at a typical Royal Ascot.

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