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A strategic partner focused on improving the student experience

The student experience is not just about learning. Students want an attractive, welcoming campus, quality accommodation and an environment that supports their social needs. In all these areas, Sodexo can help.

Sodexo University Trends Report

Universities are adapting to the demands and expectations of a new generation of students, a digitally-native generation for whom technology delivers significant opportunity, but also contributes to well-documented complexity and stress. 

As a proud provider to UK and Irish universities the insight provided by the Trends Report is valuable to ensure we continue to deliver services which contribute to the diverse needs of the global students we serve at our partner universities and ultimately improve their quality of life.

This report brings together the insight of international experts, several of whom who are working in the UK, to identify and understand five trends shaping the future quality of life in higher education, and some of the ways universities are evolving to accommodate these shifts.

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Sodexo University Trends Report