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Sodexo delivers student welfare services and fresh food from scratch, to enable a healthy lifestyle and create living and learning environments that are conducive to success across government, academies, independent and private schools.

We aim to provide healthy eating for children to aid learning and support you in giving parents the peace of mind that their children’s well-being is paramount.

We take our focus on health and well-being into the classroom

We take our focus on health and well-being into the classroom and use our relationships with high profile chefs such as Paul Rankin to engage with pupils to make learning about health and well-being fun. Through our relationships with celebrity chefs, such as Paul Rankin, we engage with pupils to make learning about health and wellbeing fun. 

We have traditionally been seen as a contract caterer in schools, but our range of service expertise is broadening and we are now able to provide so much more, giving our clients the confidence to focus on what matters, which is the academic success of the pupils in their care.

Whether it’s cleaning classrooms, providing perimeter security, managing the waste onsite or maintaining sports pitches and the school grounds, we have the capacity to do so much more. And the more we do for you, the better value we can offer.

We develop our chef's culinary skills

Chefs of all abilities have the chance to develop their culinary skills through our craft training programme - whether they are fully qualified, an apprentice or undergoing an NVQ. Our chefs play a vitally important part in delivering great food every day to Independents by Sodexo customers and we are committed to developing their culinary skills to support Sodexo’s culinary heritage.

Craft training not only develops and improves existing culinary and managerial skills, it enables succession planning, helps us to retain employees and ensures that Independents by Sodexo is seen as a leader in the culinary arena.

Independents by Sodexo

Independents by Sodexo

Through Independents by Sodexo we deliver quality food services to many of the country’s leading independent schools and colleges, where our customers span the full spectrum of age groups.

The health and wellbeing of pupils is of paramount importance to Independents by Sodexo and we understand that good nutrition is vital in helping them achieve their best in and outside of school.

We take special care in the selection of ingredients and produce for our recipes, to ensure that the provenance of our food is second to none. The meals we provide are developed to be appealing and appetising to the pupils and we do all of this with a focus on sustainability, seasonality and provenance.

That’s why we work with the best suppliers from across the UK and Ireland. We use 100% fresh meat, Freedom Food certified free range shell eggs, seasonal Red Tractor or GlobalGAP fresh fruit and vegetables, Fairtrade bananas, Marine Stewardship Council certified fish and seafood, Rainforest Alliance coffee and Red Tractor certified beef, pork, chicken, milk and cream. Our bread, cakes and biscuits are freshly baked onsite.
We don’t just train our teams to make amazing food – we also train them to deliver amazing service too.

Green and Lean logo

Green and Lean

Sodexo and WWF have worked together in the UK to create healthy school meals which also reduce the environmental impact of our consumption.

We have created a family of sustainable meals that combine nutrition, sustainability and Better Tomorrow Plan commitments – these meals taste good, are good for you and for the environment.  All of the sustainable meals will follow four main principles:

During the academic year of 2015 we piloted a set of 10 Green & Lean meals in 8 independent schools over a two month period.  From this experience we learned how to prepare the new meals, which were all adapted from existing recipes, and how to ensure that a reduced quantity of meat didn’t result in a less tasty meal.  From November 2016 we are delivering Green & Lean meals to all of our independent schools in Great Britain

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Peter Hadfield, General Services Manager, Independents by Sodexo

"At Sodexo there are no limitations for growth and I’ve always been encouraged to stretch myself, improve my knowledge and develop new skills. No day is ever the same and, for me, it is this diversity that makes working at Sodexo really enjoyable."


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Diversity matters to us

At Sodexo diversity matters to us.  We believe that a diverse workforce reflecting the diversity of the customers we serve means a more successful business.