A responsible employer

Our success is built on a unique economic and social model: our ability to contribute to client and consumer satisfaction is primarily due to our employees’ professionalism and engagement.

As an employer, Sodexo is committed to providing employees with the means to grow and develop throughout their career and to foster diversity and inclusion. Sodexo fully respects its employees’ fundamental rights and is committed to ensuring their safety.

team meeting2At Sodexo, we have a dedicated health and safety team to support both our business and your business through robust policies and procedures that meet and exceed all regulatory requirements.

Our health and safety team can help you effectively assess risks in your business and devise strategies to ensure all food safety, hygiene and environmental health requirements are met.

We can work with you to prepare your business for what is becoming a complex area where failure to meet stringent regulations could be damaging to both your corporate reputation and future success.

We cover everything from workplace health and safety and food safety to crisis management and supplier compliance.


More services

Find out about our waste management services

Sodexo designs, manages and delivers waste management solutions that reflect and respond to the ever-increasing importance placed on waste efficiency and corporate responsibility.

Find out about our supply chain management

We can provide impartial advice and control of your supply chain through total visibility and transparency of costs; service and compliance.

Performance reporting and Knowledge management

Our team of performance reporting and knowledge experts are able to deliver operational transparency through an independent assessment of service delivery.

Find out about our project management services

We have special expertise and skills to help design, construct and manage your workspace and our technical experts and construction managers can help you at every stage of building projects.

Find out about our governance and Centre of excellence

Services are delivered utilising robust standard operating procedures, which are monitored at point of delivery and recorded through our global asset management system.

Change and business transformation

Our team have a wealth of experience in managing complex change programmes and managing clients change portfolios.





Safegard, our internal safety department, provide local support and monitor compliance with the standards laid out in our Safety Management System through regular audits.