Healthy Lifestyles

Better Tomorrow 2025 is our corporate responsibility strategy with commitments and targets for our responsible business commitments up to 2025.  One of our commitments is to create healthy lifestyle options with a target of 100% of our consumers being offered healthier lifestyle options every day by 2025.

In the UK and Ireland we have teamed up with WWF and the Food Foundation to work towards this commitment and target.


Sodexo has worked with WWF for the last four years on projects to encourage more people to eat more sustainably. To result in a positive impact on people’s health through increased veg consumption and a positive impact on the environment through reduced carbon impact of the food people are choosing to eat. These projects include Earth Hour and Green & Lean.

Click here to read more on Sodexos work with WWF.

Earth Hour 2018

This year nine million people in the UK participated in Earth Hour taking part in a wide range of activities to show they care about our planet’s future. Millions chose to mark Earth Hour by going ‘Lights Out’ for 60 minutes. In addition to switching off for one hour, Earth Hour also asked people to make a #PromiseForThePlanet. The campaign hopes to highlight how just a few small lifestyle changes – such as eating more plant-based foods - can make a huge difference. As a WWF partner, and as part of our Better Tomorrow 2025 commitments, this year Sodexo made an Earth Hour Promise to Eat More Vegetables.

What we eat not only affects our own health, but also the environment. Food is at the heart of many environmental issues – it’s a significant contributor to climate change and responsible for almost 60% of global biodiversity loss. Increasing the use of plant-based foods can reduce Sodexo’s carbon and water footprint and help safeguard wildlife.

Sodexo in collaboration with WWF created an Earth Hour recipes booklet building on Sodexo’s Green & Lean range for schools. These meals are designed to give a taste of how more vegetables can be packed into favourite meals - even those containing meat - without compromising on flavour. Sodexo challenged as many people as possible to try cooking these dishes at home in support of protecting the planet.

Download the Earth Hour recipes booklet here

Click here for more information on WWF's Earth Hour.

Green & Lean

Green & Lean are a set of sustainable recipes that adhere to three principles:

Balanced - made up for 2/3 vegetables, pulses and grains

  • Meat is no more than a third of each meal

Sourced responsibly

  • Fruits and vegetables are seasonal
  • Meat and fish are certified and sustainable

Crafted with healthier ingredients

  • All grains are wholegrains
  • Sugar and salt are added sparingly

By adopting these principles, we believe our chefs can create meals that are balanced, healthy, nutritious, sustainable, innovative and delicious, impacting positively on the health of people and the planet.

Click here to see the Green & Lean video made in collaboration with WWF.

Veg Pledge

In order to achieve our commitment around healthy lifestyle options we have signed up to the Food Foundation’s "Veg Pledge" – Sodexo has pledged to play its part to help everyone in Britain eat an extra portion of veg a day.

We will:

  • Increase the volume of vegetables procured by 10% by 2020 and by 16% by 2025
  • Refine recipes to be more plant powered
  • Continue to develop plant forward meals
  • Support the promotion of plant powered menus across the sites where we operate
  • Our Peas Please Veg Pledge is one of the items we will track to gauge our progress for the Better Tomorrow 2025 commitment on healthy lifestyle options


Sodexo is committed to creating healthy environments for our customers. Central to this effort is providing healthy, nutritious foods. We’ve listened to our customers. We’ve researched marketplace trends. Our executive chefs and registered dietitians worked together to create an exciting collection of recipes.

The result is Mindful by Sodexo – an approach that focuses on transparency of ingredients, delicious food, satisfying portions and clarity in message so that making Mindful choices becomes second nature. While designed for use in our cafes, Mindful is an approach that you can easily adopt at home with your family. Read more about Mindful by Sodexo here.

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Healthy Lifestyles

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Why is it important to increase veg consumption?

We should be eating about 3.5 portions a day (eatwell guide)

People on low incomes eat about half a portion less

If we ate our requirements we could reduce diet related greenhouse gasemissions by 17% and create an opportunity to grow 1.5 million MT more British veg a year

80% of adults, 95% of older children and 80% of younger children eat too little veg

We need to eat at least one more portion of fruit and veg a day


Wasteful to Tasteful

Sodexo are proud to launch a new initiative to rescue Grade B fruit and vegetables that would otherwise be sent to landfill.


For more information on Healthy Lifestyles please email us.