Sodexo, a leading global services company, has been awarded contracts for two regions by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), worth £15m per year.

The five-year contract, with the opportunity to extend this a further two years, will see Sodexo’s Government & Agencies team deliver a wide range of soft FM services including cleaning, waste, porterage, meeting room management, mail and food services across HMRC’s Central and South regions.

Sodexo will introduce a number of innovative service solutions which will deliver quality and efficiencies to HMRC. This will include the use of its social value portal to measure, monitor and report on the social value outcomes and benefits achieved through this contract, as well as new technologies in the cleaning, reception, food services, occupancy and workplace management systems. 

The award of this contract is part of HMRC’s transformation, creating 13 Regional Centres across the UK.  The new centres will be equipped with the digital infrastructure needed for its highly-skilled workforce. HMRC is also helping to transform the Civil Service into a modern employer that runs an efficient and sustainable government estate with fit-for-purpose office space and modern working environments.

Sodexo’s delivery of soft services will support HMRC’s ambition of creating workspaces that bring people together, making it easier to collaborate and work flexibly. It is also Sodexo’s intention to have a wide impact on local communities by employing local people and using local suppliers and produce where possible.

The contract covers a number of locations including regional centres as well as specialist sites in HMRC’s Central and South regions.  

Mobilisation began in early April with the first phase of services going live from 1 August 2019.  

Paul Anstey, CEO, Government & Agencies, Sodexo UK & Ireland said: “We are excited to have been selected to deliver soft services to HMRC. The new contract will allow us to demonstrate the innovation we can bring, helping HMRC to deliver its objectives around staff attraction and retention, cultural change and delivering high levels of customer satisfaction."

This contract reinforces our position as a trusted partner in providing a diverse range of services to significant government departments including the Ministry of Justice, Department for Work and Pensions and Scottish Government.

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