Sodexo has been re-awarded the hard and soft facilities management contract with global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca in the UK and has won new business in Sweden.

The new contract began on 1 July, with full implementation occurring on 1 October, and will continue to see Sodexo as the sole provider of soft fm services, such as catering and cleaning, to all AstraZeneca sites in the UK. Sodexo will also provide hard fm services, such as building maintenance and engineering, to AstraZeneca sites in Cheshire, Luton and London and in addition, will provide soft services to three sites in Sweden.

This two-country contract involving Sweden expands Sodexo's extensive portfolio with AstraZeneca, which Sodexo already services internationally in countries such as France, China, Canada and Mexico.

The new contract is initially for three years and currently employs nearly 500 Sodexo staff, which is set to rise in July as the contract grows further.

Neil Meredith, account director for Sodexo, said: “We have worked well with AstraZeneca since 2008 and being reawarded and extending this contract is a testament to the dedicated efforts by the Sodexo team in developing a successful relationship with them. Both countries will now join forces to share best practice ideas and deliver ongoing value to AstraZeneca.”


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