Sodexo has won six of the community rehabilitation company contracts in partnership with crime reduction charity Nacro.

The seven-year contracts will see the partnership between Sodexo and Nacro manage probation services for low to medium risk offenders.

The Secretary of State for Justice signed the contracts today (18 December) as part of Transforming Rehabilitation, a reform programme changing the way offenders are managed in the community to bring down reoffending rates in England and Wales.

From 1 February 2015, Sodexo in partnership with Nacro will take on responsibility for the following community rehabilitation companies and all their employees:

  • Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company

  • Cumbria & Lancashire Community Rehabilitation Company

  • South Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Company

  • Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire & Hertfordshire Community Rehabilitation Company

  • Norfolk & Suffolk Community Rehabilitation Company

  • Essex Community Rehabilitation Company.

Since 1993 Sodexo Justice Services has been a trusted partner to UK governments - protecting the public and rehabilitating offenders through its justice services and full operation of prisons.

Sodexo Justice Services manages four prisons in England, HMP Forest Bank, HMP Peterborough, HMP Bronzefield and HMP Northumberland, and HMP Addiewell in Scotland.

Nacro, the UK’s largest crime reduction charity, is dedicated to reducing crime and reoffending in communities across England and Wales. Nacro designs and delivers programmes that equip people with the skills, advice, attitude and support they need to move their lives on and move away from crime.

Tony Leech, managing director of Sodexo Justice Services, said: “We are delighted to win the contracts to run six of the community rehabilitation companies. Sodexo and Nacro bring together significant experience in rehabilitation and share a strong mission to reduce crime and reoffending by challenging offender behaviour and providing the skills, training and support offenders require to move into employment.

“Sodexo has 20 years’ experience in the UK justice sector as a trusted partner to the Ministry of Justice and the National Offender Management Service, delivering high-quality, ethical and innovative rehabilitative services. As the UK’s largest crime reduction charity, Nacro has been working for nearly 50 years on successful programmes to equip people with the skills, advice, and support they need to move their lives on away from crime.

“We are pleased to be working with the Ministry of Justice as part of this new approach to rehabilitation and are committed to improving outcomes for offenders and the communities in which they live.”

Jacob Tas, Nacro’s chief executive officer, said: “Today’s announcement confirms that Nacro will be playing a key role as a strategic partner to Sodexo Justice Services and marks an important milestone in the process of Transforming Rehabilitation, offering an opportunity to break new ground and deliver collaborative change.
“Nacro has for five decades delivered community-based services to offenders, ex-offenders and those at risk of offending. Nacro’s strong track record of providing services in the heart of local communities brings the real potential to reduce reoffending and improve public confidence in the system.”

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