A balanced and better quality of life for our service men and women

Published on : 1/1/19
  • We have worked for over 30 years to provide a better quality of life for the men, women and families of the Armed Forces.

    Providing high quality services and facilities which promote a balanced and better quality of life for our service men and women who are protecting the security and independence of our country is very much our aim. We acknowledge that this is easier said than done, which is why part of what we offer comes from our well thought out, tailored services that focus on the health and wellbeing of those we serve..

    Our ‘home from home’ initiative encompasses a range of catering, retail and leisure facilities and comfortable accommodation which provides a sense of familiarity and normality on military bases across the UK, Cyprus and the Falkland Islands.

    Sodexo’s professional team delivers services ranging from:

    •    Catering – Whether providing catering services for Officers’ Messes, Junior Ranks’ Diners, or sustenance when out on exercise, we encourage all our customers to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We recognise that service men and women have very different needs to others which is why we create bespoke delicious, well-balanced menus with a wide range of options and information to help them choose the right choices for them. 
    •    Retail and Leisure – Our retail and leisure services reflect what is on offer on the high street, providingfamiliarity through recognisable styled restaurants and activity outlets. 
    •    Keeping it Traditional – The military is an institution that is steeped in wonderful and unique traditions. We understand this and the need to keep them. We ensure we work around the requirements of the Government and Mess stipulations to help improv the day-to-day quality of life of those we serve.

    With well over 4,000  employees working to provide the best services for our Armed Forces, we are confident that we can give the right balance of professional, innovative and bespoke services to keep morale and engagement high.

    We are proud of our our long-standing partnership with the Ministry of Defence to create a safe and relaxed environment for  Armed Forces personnel and their families. 

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