Community support. Rehabilitating ex-offenders

Positive outcomes for ex-offenders

Published on : 1/3/19
  • We are proud to work with the Ministry of Justice focusing on the rehabilitation of offenders. Our highly skilled and experienced justice teams offer prison and community rehabilitation services to reduce reoffending, protect the public, and drive positive outcomes in the criminal justice system.

    Our objective is to continue working with likeminded organisations that facilitate the rehabilitation of offenders and improve their quality of life.  We treat offenders with dignity, offering them the skills, qualifications, support and opportunity to lead law-abiding lives in their community.  We offer a proven range of  services to deliver our objective and help stop the re-offending cycle.

    We strive to create an environment that promotes rehabilitation, positive thinking and forward planning.

    So, what do we do?

    We are a leading provider in rehabilitative services within prison and in probation services in the community. Our expert teams work with numerous partner organisations to equip offenders with valuable life skills, work experience and education to reduce the likelihood of reoffending. We work with and encourage offenders to socially interact, to become engaging communicators and to plan for their future.  We help them understand what is needed to integrate back into the community as law-abiding citizen.

    We work with prisoners whilst under our care on how they can improve their health and wellbeing through recreational activities that can enhance a sense of personal growth and progress, which also extends to dietary plans and menus, physical exercise programmes and education.

    In our probation services, we work with offenders to support them in creating a more secure lifestyle, including finding work or access to education and training, finding stable accommodation, sort out debts and benefits, dealing with relationships or tackling an addiction.  

    We pride ourselves on delivering a public service that supports our values and ethics. Our goal is reduce the risk of re-offending by creating a supportive and safe environment in which people are offered every possible chance rehabilitate and change their lives for the better.

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