Quality of Life while working away from home

Published on : 1/2/19
  • Oil is an exceptionally efficient resource, allowing us to run our homes and vehicles in ways that have completely revolutionised the way we live, work and play. The world depends on efficient, durable and reliable energy resources to aid in almost every aspect of a person’s life

    Our affiliation with the gas and oil industry gives us an informative look at the work the highly skilled individuals do. From construction and installation workers, to engineers, designers, operational and managerial teams. With extended periods of time away from home, these individuals work incredibly long and strenuous hours with the comforts of home, often a distant thought.

    At Sodexo, we work closely with our clients in this industry to give their workers the best possible quality of life while they are working away from home. The nature of the roles both On and Off shore means workers have very little time for themselves.

    To support our clients and their workforce we provide bespoke services including:

    •    Catering, hospitality & welfare – With dietitian approved menus available, we provide catering services which are prepared to our high standards and include options which are comforting, nutritional and encourage workers to make healthier choices. It is essential that the accommodation is clean, comfortable and other services include housekeeping and laundry services, helping make life easier for those working away from home.
    •    Health and Safety – Offshore work can be incredibly dangerous and in this industry more than others there are many processes and procedures in place to reduce/stop incidents. For all the services we deliver in this environment we have systems which accurately track all health and safety metrics which helps us prevent incidents.
    •    Offshore refurbishments – Our technical services solutions support organisations to create safe and compliant work environments, helping to optimise productivity and efficiency.  These improvements improve Quality of Life and associated safety behaviours.
    •    Facilities management services – Multi skilled crews give us the flexibility to meet clients’ service requirements, resulting in fewer sub-contractors and lower overheads.

    We pride ourselves on the service we provide for everyone who works in this industry in often remote locations. . We are dedicated to making the lives of workers in this industry easier and safer. 

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