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The Science Gallery

Published on : 7/12/19
  • Following on from the recent success of being awarded the catering contract for The Perch Café located in the Arts Building and the 300 seater restaurant at Trinity Business School, we were delighted to be awarded the catering contract for The Science Gallery café on Pearse Street, expanding our provision of services at the prestigious Trinity College Dublin. 

    Awarded in April 2019, our three-year contract for The Science Gallery café has a projected annual turnover of €600,000 which will be achieved through an insight driven food offer, overall refresh of the facility and launch of digital marketing tools to drive engagement and sales through platforms such as our Click and Collect App and social media channels. 

    Key to our success is the provision of a food offer that appeals to the variety of customers we welcome to The Science Gallery café. Our craft development chefs have worked closely with our insight and marketing team to create a menu that is focused on celebrating local produce and diverse in its options for our consumers. 

    Understanding that many of our customers will be used to unscheduled eating has informed our menu and reflected in our 7 day a week operation and all-day brunch offer. Hot-off-the-pan pancakes, Instagram worthy avocado pate on sourdough and fresh, flavoursome quinoa salads have proven hugely popular among our customer base with several options available for all dietary requirements. For traditionalists, we serve breakfast from 8am Monday to Friday (from 12pm Saturday and Sunday) with hot and cold lunch options from 12pm that can be taken away if in a hurry, or peacefully enjoyed in our relaxed seating environment. Our triple certified Aspretto coffee can be enjoyed all day with freshly baked cakes and snacks to complement. 

    To enhance the customer experience we wanted to improve the overall speed of service offering our guests more time to enjoy their meal with less time queueing and waiting for their order. Installing new kitchen equipment, contactless cash registers and launching our Click and Collect App our team have been able enhance the customer journey and improve the order of service. Building upon this, a keen focus has been placed on employee training. Our employees have participated in training sessions where they learn of the skills and techniques that work to enhance the overall guest experience. This develops a sense of brand loyalty among our customer base and works to drive sales and footfall to the cafe.  

    Working to drive customer engagement across our portfolio at Trinity is our Student Experience Manager, Jamie Costello who manages all marketing and promotions and leads on digital projects. Through a consistent tone of voice, understanding of the customer demographic and desire to drive customer satisfaction, Jamie has worked to build our social channels for the Science Gallery @SciGalleryCafe and deliver messaging that reflects our brand and shared values with Trinity such as our focus on sustainability and commitment to reducing single use plastics.  

    Our contract awards at The Science Gallery Café, The Perch Café and the restaurant at Trinity Business School have allowed us to showcase the importance we place on building longstanding partnerships with universities. Our success with Trinity has many factors, one of which is our shared values and commitment to enhancing the university experience for both students and employees at Trinity College Dublin. 

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