Sodexo has seen a second cohort successfully complete Sodexo’s British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) accredited training programme.

At the Sodexo IFM Academy graduation ceremony on Monday (11 September), 11 employees from healthcare, education and corporate services completed the two-year programme to achieve a BIFM level 4 qualification. The accreditation gives them an insight into the FM marketplace and the skills and knowledge to manage and operate IFM contracts.

The next group of employees enrolled in the Sodexo IFM Academy are expected to graduate early next year.

With more than half of Sodexo’s UK and Ireland relations being made up of IFM business, this programme is important to the continuous development of employees in the FM industry.

The BIFM programme has been adapted recently and the new cohorts are now launching as a Global academy which is being delivered across Sodexo. This will provide additional knowledge of international practices in the FM industry.

Andy Rogers, Sodexo UK & Ireland HR director, said: “This programme was a difficult one and reinforces the theory that development brings confidence. For the participants to have completed this qualification is a massive achievement and shows their commitment to their development. I am delighted to see another group of graduates come through our FM Academy. Their hard work, endeavour and perseverance has paid off. The graduates have shown immense effort and as HR Director I am very proud.”

Emma Reason, programme manager, Sodexo UK & Ireland, said “‘I am so pleased we have another group that have now graduated illustrating that the qualification is both achievable and a valuable part of delegates’ development whilst also supporting our business journey. I look forward to even more people completing and starting our new Global IFM academy.”

Julian Burton, Assessor from BIFM, said “Working closely with Sodexo’s learning and development team to put in place the framework and process that will train and develop their teams towards the achievement of an internationally-recognised professional qualification aligned to FM professional standards has been a rewarding experience. Although it is a tasking process, it is one all graduates should be extremely proud of because they have come out on top.

“We take pride in the partnership we have with Sodexo because it is represented by an employer who truly values the skills that the BIFM-accredited qualifications and FM professional standards can introduce to its employees.

“I extend my congratulations to the individuals who have graduated today and look forward to recognising the achievements of many more individuals over the coming months and years ahead.”


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