Sodexo has achieved the Soil Association’s ‘Food for Life Served Here’ bronze award across 31 Nuffield Health hospitals making it the caterer with the largest number of accredited private healthcare sites.

The award recognises caterers serving meals going above and beyond the national guidelines for patient, staff and visitor food, with a focus on nutrition, ethical sourcing, and seasonal produce.

Visitors, patients and staff can be reassured that meals served in Food for Life Served Here accredited hospitals serve a minimum of 75% freshly prepared meals made from ingredients that are fresh, local and honest.

Sodexo met rigorous standards to achieve accreditation, including obtaining new suppliers, for a more regional supply chain.

Anthony Thackray, regional manager for Sodexo North said; “Sodexo prides itself on sourcing the finest ingredients for menus, which are then freshly prepared on site each day by a team of dedicated chefs and this award supports their passion and dedication to providing outstanding service.” 

Dr Susannah McWilliam, Head of the Hospitals team at Food for Life, said; “In achieving the bronze Served Here award across 30 hospitals, Nuffield Health has demonstrated a fantastic commitment to the quality of the food that it serves its patients, staff and visitors. The benefits reach further too, supporting catering staff to hone their skills in the kitchen, supporting animal welfare through sustainable sourcing, and ensuring that important nutrition standards are met. The partnership with Food for Life ensures that food continues to form a key role in the comfort and recovery of patients, and the health of staff across Nuffield hospitals.”

To achieve Food for Life bronze accreditation, caterers need to ensure:

  • Meals contain no undesirable food additives or hydrogenated fats
  • 75% of dishes are freshly prepared
  • Meat is from farms which satisfy UK welfare standards
  • Eggs are from cage-free hens
  • Menus are seasonal
  • Training is provided for all catering staff
  • No GM ingredients are used
  • Free drinking water is available
  • No endangered fish are served
  • Information about where the food has come from is on display
  • Suppliers meet food safety standards
  • Hospital caterers meet government guidelines for food and nutrition
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