Over the last year Sodexo has seen its contract at Project Allenby/Connaught significantly increase with the addition of seven new catering outlets including a new junior ranks super diner to accommodate the extra c.4,000 Army personnel who have relocated to four garrisons across Salisbury Plain as part of the joint Army and Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) Army Basing Programme (ABP).

A major infrastructure programme is being undertaken by Aspire Defence Capital Works across the garrisons which has included the construction of around 130 new buildings including regimental HQs, offices, technical assets, single living accommodation and facilities to support them including new diners, Messes and sports facilities. Construction is scheduled to complete in 2020.

As a result of the programme Sodexo’s 1,416 strong team has grown to almost 1,652 with the number of kitchens increasing from 54 to 60 and catering locations from 69 to 78.

Four of the existing SNCO and Officer Messes were refurbished, and seven new catering locations constructed including a new junior ranks ‘super’ diner at Larkhill garrison. The new super diner is one of the largest of its kind and has a team of six professional chefs catering for five Royal Artillery regiments. More than 600 soldiers can be served during one meal sitting. 

Situated close to two brand new, single living accommodation villages, the new diner also houses a retail outlet, coffee shop and bar facilities, offering a one-stop shop, seven days a week.

super diner at Larkhill Barracks

Paul Anstey, CEO, Government & Agencies, Sodexo UK & Ireland said:

This has been an exciting time for our teams across the garrisons as we have seen fantastic new buildings being constructed. We have worked closely with Aspire Defence Services throughout the programme to ensure that the existing and the new personnel stationed here receive the highest standard of service from the catering, retail and leisure facilities. 

Mark Carr, Managing Director, Aspire Defence Services commented:

The Sodexo element of ABP delivery has been a great success and all the catering refurbs and new builds have completed to requirement, so Sodexo and their teams were ready to welcome and serve the new personnel joining us across the Project.

Before the ABP Sodexo managed 45 officer and WO & Sgts Messes; 14 Junior Ranks diners; 14 Costcutter shops; 14 Coffee and Co/Costa café bars; five pubs and several mobile catering units 

In addition to the existing catering and retail outlets the following have been added:

  • Larkhill: New junior ranks diner; two new senior ranks dining and a new officers Mess.
  • Bulford: New senior ranks dining and refurbished senior ranks into an officers Mess.
  • Perham Down: New senior ranks and officers Mess.
  • Tidworth: New senior ranks dining plus two existing senior ranks and one officers Mess, all refurbished.

The ABP has also seen Sodexo invest in the existing retail and leisure outlets and its cleaning contract has extended to now cover 100 new buildings.

Mark Carr, Managing Director, Aspire Defence Services added:

Feeding the Army is a complex operation. A staggering 3.4 million meals are served to soldiers in our dining facilities across Salisbury Plain and Aldershot each year, that equates to some 9,500 meals every single day.

"The Sodexo teams work closely with each garrison operational team to ensure customer satisfaction is maintained.

"Sodexo and military chefs work side by side delivering the catering services in state-of-the-art kitchens. In addition to providing a crucial service to everyone living and working across the garrisons, the catering services provide a wide range of job opportunities and career paths for chefs, catering support staff and front of house, enabling them to share experiences, hone their skills and gain valuable qualifications."

Ciost cutter outlet at Larkhill Barracks

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