Sodexo has introduced a new sandwich range which will cut 86 million calories a year to consumers.

The relaunched Delifresh sandwich range, made by Adelie, is now available at more than 1,000 Sodexo sites in the UK.

The Sodexo culinary team worked with Adelie to create the tasty new range using responsibly-sourced ingredients. All the cheese is 12-month-matured West Country Barbers cheddar, all the chicken and ham is sourced in the British Isles and all the Tuna is line or pole caught.

The use of lower fat mayonnaise reduces the Delifresh range by 86 million calories based on last year’s volumes.

The new packaging was voted the most appealing and memorable design by consumers from a selection of concepts.

The Delifresh range is bespoke to Sodexo, which has a long-standing partnership with Adelie.

Paul Larson, head of retail, Sodexo Service Operations UK & Ireland, said: “This is the most exciting evolution of the Delifresh range to date. We have used our internal expertise to create not just a new sandwich but to create a new lunch solution where the bread and fillings complement each other to deliver the best sandwich range in the industry.

“Supported by new packaging and labelling this new range will deliver a fantastic experience for years to come. The reduced calorie count fits within our broader ambition to help our consumers eat more healthily.”

Keith Burton, senior executive chef, Sodexo Service Operations UK & Ireland, said: “Sodexo’s heritage has been built on strong foundations with food being at the very heart of the organisation and with sandwiches playing such a big part in our customers’ everyday diet, we decided to carry out a complete review of the current range, this has resulted in a re-designing of each and every sandwich on the list.

“All the ingredients have been tried and tested before finding the best combination of bread to really highlight the individual flavour profiles, and focus being given to the build process of the sandwich to ensure that consistency is achieved each and every time.”

John Want, marketing director, Adelie Foods says: “Health and quality are two of the most important factors for consumers, so the new Delifresh range is spot on. We’ve worked with the chefs at Sodexo to ensure the whole range is of the highest quality, with all the bestsellers included – and the launch comes at a great time, when the sandwich category is growing faster than the rest of Food to Go.”

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