Sodexo has signed a franchise partnership with Crussh to introduce the high street brand to its retail offer across the UK and Ireland.

The deal will see Crussh outlets opening at Sodexo client sites with large volumes of customers, including universities, hospitals, major events and corporate workplaces. Crussh will be an exclusive offering to Sodexo’s clients in these markets.

Founded in 1998 as London’s original juice, smoothie and healthy fast food retailer, Crussh now has 30 stores in the capital where the focus remains on wellbeing of employees and customers.

Sodexo is committed to providing and encouraging consumers access to healthy lifestyle choices as part of its sustainability roadmap Better Tomorrow 2025.

The deal will see more than 35 Crussh franchises open at Sodexo sites across the UK and Ireland over the next five years, with the first due to launch later in 2018.

Dan Corlett, Sodexo Service Operations head of food platform, said: “We’re delighted to partner with Crussh and bring this innovative and healthy brand to our clients and customers, and complement our sustainability strategy Better Tomorrow 2025.

“Crussh will be taking a creative approach to the requirements of each location, so customers could see food trucks and pop ups as well as traditional café formats.”

Shane Kavanagh, CEO of Crussh, said: “This is a really significant partnership for us, provides an incredible opportunity to bring our brand of healthy food to a new audience in locations where we think we can make a real difference.

“Our goal at Crussh is to improve the wellbeing of our people and our customers, and since we began this process we have felt a great alignment with Sodexo’s aim to promote quality of life services. We have been working on this for some time, and we can’t wait to get the first site opened.”

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