Sodexo was highly commended at the 2020 National Social Value awards for embedding social value in to the contract management at University College London (UCL).

Social value and a commitment to sustainability and investment are key priorities for both Sodexo and UCL.

Sodexo’s contract at UCL is focused on meeting the University’s business needs as well as enhancing the services provided to the 50,000 staff and students based across its campus buildings in the London Borough of Camden.  The management of the contract connects to Sodexo’s firm ethical principles and well-established wider social purpose and by achieving the social value targets at UCL has also helped Sodexo meet its own Better Tomorrow 2025 corporate responsibility commitments, which are based on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Sodexo’s submission was a great illustration of their mission to improve the quality of life through applying the three pillars of social value in the UCL and the wider Camden community. They effectively embedded social value in their contract management through the use of evolving key performance indicators, which have been incentivised by linking them to the organisation’s earnings. Equally positive to see was their approach to contextualise measurements that reflect value to all their stakeholders and partners.
Sofie Hooper, Head of Policy, Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management and one of the awards judges

Sodexo’s social impact ranges from the eliminating single use plastic and food waste; the use of small and medium-sized enterprises and social enterprises that are close to UCL, with a particular focus on Camden-based providers through to employee development, apprenticeships and supporting UCL enterprises.

We are proud of the social impact our approach to contract management and delivery of services has at UCL. The students and staff enjoy our catering for which we’ve procured from many local producers and vendors; our employees who have taken up opportunities for apprenticeships; and even the local community whose connection to us and UCL has been strengthened by a number of charitable contributions.
Andrew Wilkinson, CEO of Schools & Universities, Sodexo UK & Ireland

Sodexo has been its catering partner since 2014 and was awarded the soft FM services contract in 2018.

Andrew Wilkinson


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