Sodexo has launched the Quality of Life Observer, the first online platform to monitor and interpret the components that contribute to Quality of Life.

The online platform can measure quality of life in environments as diverse as businesses, healthcare facilities, campuses and schools, remote sites and prisons.

Through the Quality of Life Observer, Sodexo provides decision makers and opinion leaders with an information hub, contributing to the emergence of Quality of Life as a decisive factor in individual and collective performance.

The content provides a global panorama on Quality of Life through shared experiences, expert interviews, forums, analyses of university studies and surveys. The Observer provides in-depth treatment of major issues and reveals some of the unexpected aspects surrounding Quality of Life.

This unique production is enhanced through media monitoring and is open to external contributions from "Quality of Life Spotters," who are invited to highlight initiatives or propose articles.

Currently featured on the Quality of Life Observer: 

  • Design in healthcare has the power to impact people at their most vulnerable: interview of Tama Duffy Day, Design Principle, Perkins+Will

  • What has gender balance brought men in terms of Quality of Life? 5 male top leaders tell us their stories

  • Can pets really change your Quality of Life?

  • Easing isolation for those who work far from home

  • Will corporate fitness win over employees’ hearts?

  • Food for thought: why students should feed their brain

  • The British student lifestyle: everything you need to know on a simple infographic

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Watch an an animated presentation on the Quality of Life Observer.

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