Sodexo has hosted an oil and gas industry event on UK gender pay gap reporting legislation coming into force next year.

Head of diversity and inclusion Meg Horsburgh and head of reward Mark Goodyer spoke to HR experts from a number of oil & gas organisations – including Chevron, Wood and Chrysaor – on Sodexo’s experience of calculating and publishing its gender pay data.

Government legislation means all UK organisations with more than 250 employees must make their gender pay data public by April 2018.

Susan Elston, senior vice president for Sodexo’s UK Offshore & Marine business, hosted the event at the company’s Aberdeen office in November.

Sodexo became an early adopter of legislation by publishing its gender pay data in relation to its hourly pay gap, bonus gap, the ratio of men and women to receive bonuses and the ratio of men and women across four quartiles of the pay scale.

Read the Sodexo gender pay report here, which includes gender pay gap data, Sodexo’s business case for gender balance and an infographic on the difference between equal pay and the gender pay gap.

Susan Elston, Sodexo Energy & Resources senior vice president for UK Offshore & Marine, said: “Being transparent about any gender pay gap that exists is a positive step to closing that gap. Building an inclusive workplace where everyone can succeed no matter their gender is not only the right thing to do, at Sodexo our own internal research has found management teams that are gender balanced outperform those that are not.

“Having published our gender pay data in October, we are keen to share our experience with the industry to encourage them to be positive about making their gender pay gap public. It was great to see such a cross section of oil & gas organisations here, enthusiastic about reporting and reducing gender pay differences.”

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