Sodexo showcased four employees from a diverse range of roles for National Apprenticeship Week.

Operating in a wide variety of sectors, Sodexo offers young people looking for apprenticeships a unique opportunity to develop their skills and careers.

In return, apprenticeships give Sodexo skilled and efficient employees who bring initiative and a fresh pair of eyes into challenging and competitive workplaces, as well as the chance to forge closer links with local colleges and communities.

Sodexo currently has around 280 apprentices, and is looking to extend the number this year.

From hospitality on a large healthcare site to administration in the defence sector to engineering in a hospital to being a chef in one of London’s most historic venues, the four apprentices demonstrate the breadth of choice available to people looking for a career.

Profiles of each of the four apprentices are published on the Sodexo website, where they talk about how they were chosen for the role and what training they’ve had. The employees have all offered advice to anyone considering an apprenticeship:

Nicolle Wood, 22, hospitality at Central Manchester Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “You get out what you put in, so you need to be committed. But it’s a great opportunity to be able to earn and learn on the job. Because I’m doing this course through an apprenticeship programme, it’s funded by the Government.”

Liam Forrest, 17, heating and ventilation engineer at Queen’s Hospital, Romford, said: “I think you’ve just got to go for it. It’s not often these opportunities come up, so when they do, don’t let them slip away. I came here feeling really nervous because it’s effectively the beginning of the rest of my life. But I’m loving it at the moment and learning what I need to know to further my career.”

Kyro Williams, 21, chef on HMS Belfast, London, said: “Do it, but you have to want it and have a passion for it.”

Aimee Hutton, 21, administration at Fulwood Barracks, Preston, said: “I’d say go for it; take the opportunity. I had planned to go to university, but actually the apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to do all the learning I would have done for a university course, but at the same time as being paid to do a job and gain valuable experience.”

Also as part of National Apprenticeship Week, Sodexo learning, planning, design and delivery manager Sue Davison presented at an employer’s breakfast seminar hosted by Southampton Solent University, to raise awareness with local businesses and colleges of how Sodexo is embracing apprenticeships.

Angela Williams, Sodexo HR director, said: “Sodexo has always seen the value that developing our people brings to individuals, their teams, our clients and the organisation as a whole, and apprenticeships are a great example of some of the work we do in this area.

“Apprenticeships provide us with a skilled and efficient workforce who are engaged in their role whilst at the same time cultivating a culture of fresh eyes and new ideas. In addition, it gives us the opportunity to support our local communities by helping people into jobs with a multi-national company that has a diverse range of positions.”

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