Sodexo was awarded the Corporate Vitality Honours award at the recent Health & Vitality Honours on 26 January.

The Sodexo corporate services team received the honour for its collaboration with a leading FMCG client to provide healthier and affordable menu choices as part of the client’s health and wellbeing commitments across its UK sites.

New initiatives introduced included a daily meal offering under 700kcal; healthier choices signposted with an apple label; healthier breakfast options and free fruit Friday. Sodexo’s Healthworks team were also invited to a number of sites to offer advice and health checks as well as support the on-site promotions.

In addition to the above the team also introduced calorie labelling across the range including soft drinks, soups, hot food, desserts, salads and the sandwich bar.

Tony Walton, account manager, corporate services, Sodexo UK & Ireland said, “We are thrilled to receive this award, it is a great start to 2018. Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do, and it was a pleasure to work with our client on developing and introducing these new initiatives.  We are continuing to work with the client to ensure we are doing everything we can to encourage their employees to takes their health and wellbeing seriously.”

The Health and Vitality Honours is a platform for businesses to showcase best practice and help create a greater transparency on the social issues of health and nutrition throughout the foodservice industry. It aims to promote the manufacture of healthier products and the implantation of healthy living programmes in foodservice supply chain.

David Bailey, CEO Corporate Services Sodexo UK & Ireland said, “We are proud of the work that Tony and his team have done. They have worked with the client and our own head of nutrition and dietetics Wan Mak to ensure that changes to are offer suit the needs of our customers and deserve this award.

Recognition for our work in this area helps us work with other clients to help them realise the important role they can play in increasing nutritional awareness and encouraging them to champion healthy eating habits of their employees that boost productivity.


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