A worried mum sparked a nationwide hunt earlier this month when her three year old son Drew was parted from his favourite soft toy ‘Monkey’ at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Drew, who was recovering from a bone marrow transplant, was devastated when Monkey disappeared after getting tangled up in his bed sheets and taken away when his bed was changed.

His quick-thinking mum, Helen Till, tweeted Sodexo, the company running portering services at the hospital, who immediately sent out a search party.

Luckily, Monkey was tracked down at the Berendsen UK laundry in Lancaster and was returned to a very happy and relieved Drew three days later. The team at Berendsen wrote Drew a letter to explain what Monkey had been up to, complete with pictures of Monkey hard at work in their office.

Drew’s mum Helen said; “We were incredibly grateful that the Sodexo and Berendsen teams were so quick to respond. Drew was discharged from hospital last week, with Monkey safely in tow, and we are delighted to be back at home as a family.”

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