Try-at-home vegan recipes

Picture of bowl of soup

Jerusalem artichoke and hazelnut soup

If you're after a warming, hearty soup on a cold winter's day, look no further than this Jerusalem artichoke and hazelnut soup with parsley pesto, from chef Mark Wright.

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Picture of noodle broth

Mushroom, pak choi and noodle hotpot

A fantastic way to start the new year with a healthy broth that helps to keep the cold out. Here, chef Mark Wright uses wholewheat pasta and noodles in dishes gives higher fibre and a better taste.

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Image of baked aubergine recipe

Baked courgette and aubergine with preserved lemon

Our culinary ambassador, David Mulcahy, bakes aubergine with honey and tamari to give it a delicious salty, sweet stickiness. Perfect as part of a big feast, or simply served as a weekday supper with some rice and a green salad.

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Picture of vegan dessert

Gingernut, clementine and cranberry cheeseless cake

Our development chef, Andy Voice, puts his Christmas leftovers to good use in this cheeseless cake. This plant-based dessert is the perfect way to finish any winter weekend lunch or dinner.

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Picture of stir fry in bao bun

Spicy plant-based ‘sloppy Joe’ stir fry in bao buns

This dish can be served with rice, noodles or even some tortilla wraps, but here, our culinary ambassador David Mulcahy explains how to make your own bao buns for a fun, informal and delicious meal.

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Picture of vegan hot dog and fries

Tandoori jackfruit roll with dirty fries

This recipe, from development chef Andy Voice, recreates a top street food style treat at home. The hot dog hero takes on a twist with jackfruit packed full of spices, pickles and dressings. And don’t forget the fries!

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