Sodexo’s Vital Spaces has brought together the company’s diverse expertise to provide employers with a new approach to help them transform their workplaces through a connected, people-centric approach.

The workplace of today is not just about the physical boundaries of an office, but also the employee experience wherever and whenever teams are working.

Recent research from Ibec1, in which businesses were questioned about HR trends arising from the Covid-19 pandemic [and Brexit], show that hybrid working tops the list of people priorities for 51% of Irish organisations.  

With hybrid working becoming a reality for many organisations from 2021, Vital Spaces will enable a blended way of working, bringing together everything Sodexo can do to support adults at work whether in the office, at home or at a third workspace.

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Building out from traditional iFM and food services, Vital Spaces offers a wider range of services, from consultancy, space design and planning, benefits and rewards solutions through to employee-focused services like concierge, and Sodexo will deliver this through greater integration of its business divisions and partners such as Sodexo Engage, Wx and Circles.

Sodexo’s Vital Spaces focuses on spaces and people and has been framed under five service pillars.

strategyA data-driven, outcome focussed approach to workspace including change management. Smart building strategy with consideration to the environment, sustainability and energy. 

Supporting the creation of productive and inspiring spaces - where people can be their best. 

Seamlessly managing safe, compliant and sustainable places where people can focus on the task at hand. 

life servicesIncluding food at work, food delivery, employee & guest services, as well as work from home services, all supporting life for people at work, helping them thrive.

techData-driven solutions helping organisations make faster, smarter decisions in areas such as space utilisation, energy reporting, health, wellbeing & environmental analysis.

David Fox, managing director, corporate services, Sodexo Ireland says:

“The Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the workplace as we knew it, but that transformation was already underway. 

“Over the last few years, we have seen the gradual shift towards agile and flexible working and, because of this trend, we had already begun to look at how we can support client organisations to maximise the use of their workspaces.

Vital Spaces it is an evolution of Sodexo’s wide portfolio of expertise and services brought together to provide our clients with the solutions to transform their workplaces, bringing a new focus on the working experience whether in an office, at home or at a third space, and drive employee engagement as a result.

“We are proud that as an organisation we can support our clients, help them plan for the future whilst getting the best out of spaces and people.”

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[1] Ibec HR Report 2020 Key pay and HR trends

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