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Sodexo is a team of industry topping chefs, nutritionists and avid food lovers who believe that a dish is only as good as the ingredients and the effort put into it. Our team of food experts take on unique challenges, from preparing food on the River Thames for Bateaux London to catering for The Open, where local suppliers are sourced and onboarded for this week-long event every year.


Our menus are created to reflect the unique characteristics of our venues and events, to complement and enhance the setting and occasion. We create an environment where passion for excellent food and outstanding service flourishes.

Food Services, Catering and Hospitality

Facilities Management Services

Did you know we can also supply facilities management services to clients in the Sports and Leisure industry?

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Sporting Event Hospitality Company

Event and venue sales and marketing support

We also provide event sales and marketing support to customers in the sports and leisure industry.

Event and Venue Sales and Marketing Support

Positive impact

The Sodexo Food Map

The Sodexo Food Map

From north to south, east to west, we scour the country for the best ingredients. It’s important to us that our suppliers are knowledgeable and passionate about their products and that sustainability and ethical practices are high on their agenda too.

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Major Events Soft Services Company

Responsible sourcing

When it comes to food service, safety is a non-negotiable. For our consumers and clients, safe food service is a matter of trust.

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Guests served at Royal Ascot

Delivering excellent food and customer experiences

Sodexo has been providing race day and non-race day catering services at Ascot Racecourse since 1998.

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